Code 7: Dow Futures


This code also works with Emini and Bitcoin.


If you want to trade everyday welcome to your new favorite code. Make +120 ticks per day very easily on the Dow Futures (YM) taking only one trade. Use in combination with Code 5 and hit +400 to +600 tick trades on many occasions. Use in combination with Code 4 and ace the entry for even more ticks than original trade. So that when the entry comes you’ll already be in the trade at a better price by the time Code 4 comes. Sometimes this can be a substantial amount of ticks like +200 to +400 ticks more than original +800 to +1,000 ticks. You can do the same thing with Code 5, where you’ll already be in the trade by the time Code 5 comes, enabling you to make even more ticks than the original +200 to +400 ticks, by an extra +100 to +200 more ticks. All with the use of Code 7.

Code 7 is knowledge that you will learn via a video course you purchase and watch online in which I will teach you exactly how to use Code 7. After you learn how to use Code 7 which is very simple to do you will then be able to use the Code 7 to hit +120 to +220 tick trades everyday on the Dow Futures (YM).

Stops: -250 to -350 (sometimes less sometimes more)
Exit: +120 to +220
Success Ratio: 80% at +120 ticks

Happy Trading,

Oil Trading Academy