Code 6: Bitcoin Course ($800)

This code also works with Emini and Dow.

Trade Bitcoin everyday using Code 6 trading indicator and make +200 to +800 ticks everyday. Bitcoin is a mover and you can take advantage of that by using Code 6. The Code 6 for Bitcoin boasts 92% success rate. Code 6 is a very powerful code and when using it on Bitcoin it’s also very profitable.

Code 6 is a code you get once per day and comes everyday. The time in which it comes is 5:30am New York Time. This is a good code to use for those living in Europe, Asia, Australia, or for early risers on the East Coast USA.

If you’re looking for a similar code which comes during waking hours USA time around 6:00pm New York Time then you want Code 7 for Bitcoin.

So if you live in the right time zone like Europe, Asia, Australia then Code 6 is right for you.

  • 92% success rate at +200 ticks
  • Exits: +200 to +800 ticks average
  • Stops: -700 to -2,200 ticks