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My Specialties, Experience and Skills

My name is David and I’m the owner of the website Oil Trading Academy. I’m 51 years old in 2019 and will turn 52 in November 2019. I’m of German decent. The picture above was taken in Bangkok Thailand at the age of 48. I’m a scientist and philosopher having studied all my adult life. I’m well versed in the following disciplines/theories:

1. Quantum Chaos

2. Quantum Consciousness

3. Quantum Mechanics

4. Quantum Theory

5. Neuro Science

6. World History

7. Biology

8. Physics

9. Computer Science

10. Atomic Particle Theory

11. Cosmology

12. Human Physiology

13. General & Special Theory Of Relativity

14. Brain Sex Theory

15. How Time Slows Down The Further You Get From The Surface Of The Earth As Measured With Measuring Rods And Clocks.

I started trading in 2001 and have developed my own trading system that I call “The Code”. I believe my trading system is very accurate and perfect for any kind of trader.

Happy Trading,


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