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Hey David,

Just wanted to give you an update.

I used a combination of the code 5 and code 7 to make over 1300 ticks on the NQ.




Code 1 is absolutely amazing

Dear David,

I just purchased your Code 1 course, and I've only gone through the first 20 minutes, but I just have to say how amazing it is.

What you are teaching is mind blowing and I cannot wait to finish the rest of the video and start applying what I'm learning in the markets.

Thank you, thank you and thank you so much for this amazing opportunity you have given me and others to learn from you.


Hi David, thanks for the video on code 2. I understand the concept and am aware and watching for them now. I would like to verify the *** although I believe that I understood how it works. **** By the way ib has a setting to have all your charts on the same ****. There are two Code 2 ***** for futures in ***** each day. The first one occurs at *****. 50% of the time *** is the code and the rest of the **** occur divided equally. The second code is *****every day and this code does not change. For stocks the code is ***** every day. Please confirm that I have this correct. Secondly from what I understand having code 3 will give me the best entry for these trades. Code 1 can be used for exiting a trade. I presume my next purchase will be code 3. Thanks for your work and for sharing this very profitable secret. I've been looking for an edge like this for years with no success. Like so many others I've spent thousands of dollars on subscriptions that do not work. I'm looking forward to gaining all my losses back. Regards, Glenn


Okay, I think you're a genius. I went into a market replay of the day I didn't do so well on, the one that I talked about above, and went by a **** instead as you suggested and within only one hour hit that big trade that I originally missed out on and easily made $500.00+, on just one contract. That's funny, ****. I had known about the **** code you broke and thought I'd see those numbers in your code-trading courses since I heard you say the **** also control the markets. I was a bit doubtful of this, that they really own the markets, when the ***** or something, but now you say it's sometimes ****, one of their numbers, and that solved the problem I had when trading the NQ 12-19 on 10/10/2019 in a market replay. I don't know how you figure this stuff out. Thank you. Now I'm just curious as to how you figure out on what days to use *** and on what days to use****.


Thank you David, I just purchased the Investing Class. I paid $500 since I have all 3 Codes. I appreciate you****. You always have been more than fair with me. If needed I can pay the extra $500. I have learned a lot from you on how the markets really work and are ****. I appreciate all you do for everyone. Sincerely, Bill



Step By Step Instruction

Learning to trade the markets is made easy in these 4 simple to follow steps:

Purchase Course

First step is the easy one, pick a course and watch it maybe even watch twice.

Practice System

Open a practice account and practice using the system in real time until you are really good.

Trade System

Open a real account and start trading the system and what you have already practiced. Start small and build slowly.

Get Support

If you run into problems or need any help you have me, David, to give you support. This is the way to learn how to trade.