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There are really two types of traders, those who trade short term like day traders and swing traders, and those who trade long term, which is called investing. When you trade short term and are a USA citizen you have to pay 40% of your income to taxes. Whereas if you’re an investor and you hold something over one year you only pay 15% in taxes on your profits.

This is a huge difference in money. So in the end you want to become an investor and not a trader. But for most of us we need trading in order to get to the investor class.

In my course for Investing I will teach you how to invest your money into anything you want to invest in and take an entry that will have a good chance of holding in the direction you want to go, whether you think the instrument will go up or down in price over time. My Investing course will show you how to take the right entry into the instrument you want and get it right much of the time, and if wrong then break even on the trade and use the system to take another entry and do the same thing. When you get it right you simply hold it for your investment.

You can do this same technique on one stock after another, and do so with stocks all around the world. Say goodbye to just buying and holding and be in a very bad losing position, which is then dead money. I will teach you a much better way to invest.

I will also teach you the secrets to investing to help you look for the right stocks to use my system on and invest in for the longer term (over one year). I will teach you some of the mathematics of investing so that you can understand how to better put your money to work for you.

I will also share with you my personal favorite place to be invested in right now across the board and where I believe the big money is to be made.

What I’ve done is broken trading and investing down to more of a science, simple basic ways to make trading and investing much more simple and much more profitable.

If you’re already an investor or if you want to become one then I really believe that my Investing Course will really help you and teach you how to become a self sufficient investor able to find and invest in a very precise way your money into the market with minimal risk, always keeping your money working for you and never allowing for dead money in your portfolio.

To your trading success…



A New Way To Invest

Learn the proper way to invest by never again holding a losing position by learning how to take a successful entry with a break-even stop. Also learn how to access all World Markets using interactive brokers and use my investing system to take successful entries and then hold them for long term investments.


USA Stocks

The USA stocks on the NASDAQ, Amex, NYSE, and even the OTCBB have offered and still do offer a great deal of opportunity to find good stocks to take entries for investment purposes. There will continue to be many new opportunities to take advantage of in the USA stock market using my investing system.


Chinese Stocks

Imagine you could go back in time 30 years ago and use your money of today to purchase stocks on the USA stock market, would that be worth something to you? This opportunity is staring at everyone in the face but few people seem to realize it. Purchase my investing course and I will enlighten you and inspire you and teach you how to take advantage of this unique opportunity investing in Chinese stocks in China.


Japanese Stocks

Japanese stocks have been doing very well, will it continue? With my system of investing you do not have to worry because you’ll get ahead in the trade and place a break even stop. The Japanese stock market like all stock markets offer opportunities to invest and make money.


Indian Stocks

The Indian stock market offers a great deal of opportunity to make money on long-term investments because a lot of growth potential within India is possible. Like all stock markets you can find new companies coming into the market, companies getting good news or big contracts, and bargain shop on beat up companies.


European Stocks

Like any and all stock markets you can find opportunities. You can look for stocks that have crashed and look to buy those using my system. You can find stocks that have broken their 52-week high and use my system to take an entry. You can find stocks that are just starting to get volume and their charts are going up with this volume and use my system to take an entry. I will teach you how to find stocks for investment purposes worldwide including European stocks.


Dubai Stock Market

The Dubai Market has gone down for quite some time. At some point in time it may start bouncing and moving higher. If that were to happen you could use my system to take some entries into some good stocks and then hold it for some long term investments.

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Step By Step Instruction

Learning to trade the markets is made easy in these 4 simple to follow steps:

Purchase Course

First step is the easy one, pick a course and watch it maybe even watch twice.

Practice System

Open a practice account and practice using the system in real time until you are really good.

Trade System

Open a real account and start trading the system and what you have already practiced. Start small and build slowly.

Get Support

If you run into problems or need any help you have me, David, to give you support. This is the way to learn how to trade.