Code 4: Bitcoin Course ($500)

How does taking one trade per month and making 12,000 ticks with 100% success rate sound to you? Welcome to Code 4 for Bitcoin. This code is currently the new record holder for the highest success rate. On each trade you can go for a $3,000 dollar move or 12,000 ticks and hit them 100% of the time without losing a trade. You can do this virtually every month.

There is nothing else out there like Code 4, it is the largest code of them all. Perfect for the long term player who likes to make money from the market but also likes to have free time away from trading.

You only get one trade per month but each trade is worth at least $3,000 and often times $15,000 or more. So you can hit some big trades using Code 4.

Code 4 for Bitcoin can also be used for investing purposes, wanting to time a bottom or wanting to take a trade that a break even stop can be placed on so as to not lose on any given trade or investment. Code 4 will always tell you which direction Bitcoin is going to go.

  • Hit $3,000 dollar trades with 100% success rate.
  • Take only one trade per month.
  • Easy to learn.

Stops: $12,000 dollars
Exits: $3,000 to $15,000 dollars
Success Ratio: 100% at $3,000 dollar exits