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Welcome to the exciting world of day trading the oil futures market. The trading system I’ve developed is very accurate and useful for trading Oil, Gold, Dow, S&P 500, Bitcoin, HSI, DAX, Stocks, Bonds, and anything and everything else world wide. The videos below demonstrate the effectiveness of using Code 1, Code 2, and Code 3 trading systems…….

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You have questions and we have answers for you. Before you ask through email search my FAQ first you probably will find the answer.

My System Of Code Trading

My system of trading (code trading) is very unique and I invented it. What I found through many years of trading is that simple works best, and all trading is really done from a code, without any need for indicators.

Trading Education

I have put together some videos on YouTube to help you with the basics of trading and getting started with trading.

Recommended Brokers

My picks for the best broker to use given your specific circumstances. Although you can use any broker you wish to use to trade my system if you’re just getting started you might want to read about my picks before you do.


Here are my latest trading videos, by watching these videos you’ll see for yourself the powerful nature of my code trading system where I’m able to profit from the market like you’ve probably never seen before.

Futures Trading Signals YM +300 Ticks ES +88 Ticks
Trading Signals YM, ES, NQ, GC, CL, BTC
Swing Trading Dow, Nasdaq, Emini, Gold, Oil, Bitcoin Signals

Trade Globally

Trade my system from anywhere in the world, if in the USA you can trade the USA markets. If in Asia you can trade the Asian markets, if in Europe the European markets, etc. You can also trade any market in the world at anytime 24 hours per day, unlimiting your opportunities.

Code Trading System Accuracy

The reason I’m teaching my Code Trading System to the public is because I want to share the incredible accuracy of the system itself, which has to be seen to be believed.

Oil Trading Academy For Investing

The Code trading system I developed can also be used for investing into stocks in the USA and globally.


Choosing the right trading education is critical to learning to be successful, my day trading the chart system of trading will amaze you in how easy and how accurate you can be in the market. Seeing is believing though so come over to my YouTube channel and check out my daily trading yourself, see just how accurate my system is, and what you’ll find even more amazing is the system is easy to learn.


I Show Daily Trading Posted To YouTube

You want to learn from a real professional trader, I show my trading everyday which I upload to YouTube. Each day you can see for yourself how powerful my Trading The Chart system is.


Learn Specific Trading Techniques

Instead of learning broad trading techniques like using various indicators or price action I will teach you how to use the chart itself along with specific techniques that I’ve developed and turned into 3 strategies to use to harness the market.


My code trading courses are very unique and very powerful. Whether you want to just trade for 30 minutes for per day or swing trade, day trade, or aggressively scalp my code trading system will show you how easy it is to do….

Making Trading Easy By Trading The Chart

Teaching Traders To Make Money Globally