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I have put together a total of 3 different strategies you can use to harness the market in various different ways. Each way is unique and very powerful and can be used on any market, any stock, any futures, any instrument, and every market in the world.

Just one of my courses is worth $5,000, but I don’t need to sell them that high as that would put this knowledge out of the reach of most people. So I’m selling each course for $500, that way a trader can purchase for relatively inexpensive and put the information to use and make their money in the market using my system and then purchase more courses and learn even more ways to take advantage of the markets.

The knowledge within my courses comes from 20 years of experience day trading the markets, so rest assured I know what I’m talking about and have ample experience trading the markets.

Let me show you each of the courses I’ve made to teach you my code trading system:


Watch Courses Online

Each of these courses can be purchased online via a credit card or PayPal and then instantly watched online anytime and as much as you wish. Each of my courses are stand alone courses and fully work individually. You are about to explore the real and fascinating world of trading the markets with powerful information at your fingertips ready for you to discover.

Code 1
Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced trader, this is where you need to get started learning the “code” for the oil market or any of the Futures markets, for all Futures markets follow the same exact “code 1” as oil does. For instance you could buy this code 1 video course and then apply what you’ve learned to trading gold, or trading the emini s&p, or any other futures instrument, because all of them are controlled by the same exact “code”. This code is what I call “code 1”.
Code 2
This video is taught in a different more powerful and effective way. I will teach you a gigantic secret about Code 2 that I just recently discovered. I will show you how to use Code 2 to make a fortune trading. I will open up your eyes to a whole new world you never knew existed before. In a sense I will teach you a new Code 2 and how to use it. Code 2 is my personal favorite code to use. This one code alone could completely change your life financially. If you already have Code 1, Code 2, and Code 3 then you want to attend the "Code Master Course" below.
Code 3
In this video I will teach you a secret I discovered about Code 3. When I first taught Code 3 I had not yet made the gigantic discovery that I've just made. I will show you how to use Code 3 in the most effective way possible, simplifying the entire approach and minimizing losses as much as possible. I will teach you how to stay out of choppy market days using a very simple technique. I will show you many new secrets I've learned from using the Code 3 over the last 9 months.


Learn One Day, Trade The Next

These courses have all been professionally done and can play at full screen at 1920*1080 screen resolution, they are HD and high quality video and audio. Once you purchase a course you’ll automatically be sent an email with a link to watch the video online with.

If you want to be successful in the markets and you want to trade the ES (Emini S&P) with only a $400 margin requirement you can do so using my system. If you want to trade indexes around the world like the Chinese Hang Seng or the German DAX you can do so using my system. If you want to trade the USA stock market like the Nasdaq, Amex, and NYSE stocks you can do so using my system. A whole entire world of trading that you never knew existed will open up to you using my system, and you will be amazed beyond what you can believe right now. I will inspire you and teach you and help you to become a real global trader able to take advantage of any situation that occurs in the world having the power and knowledge to profit in virtually anyway you wish to do so. I will open up your eyes to a whole new way of trading, a whole new way of looking at charts, and a whole new adventure into world markets that will become the norm in the near future.

To your trading success……


Oil Trading Academy

1920 x 1080 Image Quality

Each course has been recorded in HD 2K video and audio for excellent playback quality.

Play Full Screen

Play each video full screen for maximum image quality and ease of learning.

Watch Anytime Unlimited Access

Watch anytime you wish, as much as you want, no time limits, learn at your own pace.


Oil Trading Academy


Step By Step Instruction

Learning to trade the markets is made easy in these 4 simple to follow steps:

Purchase Course

First step is the easy one, pick a course and watch it maybe even watch twice.

Practice System

Open a practice account and practice using the system in real time until you are really good.

Trade System

Open a real account and start trading the system and what you have already practiced. Start small and build slowly.

Get Support

If you run into problems or need any help you have me, David, to give you support. This is the way to learn how to trade.