Code 1: Online Video Course (New 2020)


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Duration: 03:46:07 (3 Hours 46 Minutes)


This video is taught in a different more powerful and effective way. I will teach you how to use Code 1 for everything. Your entries, your exits, and how to maximize your trading profits with this very powerful and often overlooked Code. Also I will show you secrets that I’ve just recently learned about Code 1 that my video courses did not teach. You will find that with the use of Code 1 you can make an absolute fortune if you know how to use it right. If you know what to use it on. I will teach you secrets about Code 1 that I’ve never revealed before because I just made new discoveries about Code 1. You will find with the proper use of Code 1 you can make a fortune trading. I will reveal many new surprises about Code 1 in this class and I will teach it in a very simplified way. If you struggled to understand Code 1 before this class is for you. Or if you are new and have not learned the codes then this class is for you. If you already have Code 1, Code 2, and Code 3 then you want to attend the “Code Master Course” below.