Code 3: Online Video Course (New 2020)


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Duration: 02:44:16 (2 Hours 44 Minutes)


In this video I will teach you a secret I discovered about Code 3. When I first taught Code 3 I had not yet made the gigantic discovery that I’ve just made. I will show you how to use Code 3 in the most effective way possible, simplifying the entire approach and minimizing losses as much as possible. I will teach you how to stay out of choppy market days using a very simple technique. I will show you many new secrets I’ve learned from using the Code 3 over the last 9 months. With the use of all three codes you can learn how to profit from the markets like I’m now able to do. I’m now using all three codes in all my trading. I have also now switched to using Code 3 for most of my entries. I use Code 1 for most of my exits/profits. I use Code 2 with Code 3 now on virtually everythng I trade. If you already have Code 1, Code 2, and Code 3 then you want to attend the “Code Master Course” below.