Code 6: Emini Course ($500)

This code also works with Bitcoin and Dow.

Imagine being able to take just one trade per day and win everyday? Sound too good to be true? I would like to introduce you to Code 6 for the Emini S&P Futures market, symbol name ES.

Your trades however will come at around 5:30 AM New York Time (5:30 AM). This is great for those who stay up late or live on the West coast or in Europe, Asia, and even Australia this can be a good time.

Here are some statistics using the Code 6 for the Emini S&P:

  • Win Ratio 90%
  • Stops -30 (sometimes less sometimes more)
  • Exit +12 to +100 ticks
  • Success Ratio: 90% at +12 ticks

If you trade the Emini S&P you’ll really love using this code.

Happy Trading,

Oil Trading Academy