Code 6: Dow Futures


This code also works with Emini and Bitcoin.


A very unique and very profitable code. Take your trades around 5:30 AM New York time. For many people this is a good time for them to trade.

Code 6 is knowledge that you will learn via a video course you purchase and watch online in which I will teach you exactly how to use Code 6. After you learn how to use Code 6 which is very simple to do you will then be able to use the Code 6 to hit +40 to +100 tick trades everyday on the Dow Futures (YM).

This code is a really super good code if the time suits you well.

Code 6 has the smallest stops of all the new higher codes 4, 5, and 7.

Stops: -100 (sometimes more, sometimes less)
Exit: +40 to +100
Success Ratio: 85% at +40 ticks

Happy Trading,

Oil Trading Academy