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I really believe that many traders fail in the market because they are trying to look at the market in too broad of terms. Like for instance, traders want to “make money” from trading. Well sure, that’s easy, everybody already knows you simply buy when it’s going up and short when it’s going down, very simple and straightforward and easy, right? Unfortunately no, it doesn’t work like that.

What you have to do is break the market down into a simple way or strategy or technique that you can profit from. You could find just one trade per day and be able to make all the money you need to make. But what is critical is that you learn how to do and master one thing at a time in the trading world, otherwise you will quickly become overwhelmed because frankly there are hundreds of different ways you could play the markets, and learning all of them is not realistic.

What I have done is broken trading down to a science, and teaching that information sort of like a science as well. Meaning instead of giving you a broad outlook on using my system and let you go out and do with it however you want or can think of to do, I have already broken my system down into 3 workable trading techniques for you to learn and practice and then implement into the market.

Each of these strategies I have personally done for the last 12 years.

My Oil Trading Academy Techniques/Strategies:

  1. Code 1
  2. Code 2
  3. Code 3

In teaching you this way it will really help you not to get confused and to focus on just one aspect of the system at a time, one aspect to trading at a time, so that you can learn and practice something small and get good at it before you learn something else. I really believe this is the best way to learn how to trade.

I myself when I first started trading learned how to do one thing at a time. The first thing I learned was how to “bounce” stocks. Then I learned how to “short” stocks. Then I learned how to “buy” stocks and go long. Then I learned how to play news plays, setup and watch scanners, read Level 2, watch Time & Sales, route orders directly, play gap plays both long and short, play gap up’s and gap down’s at the open and for the day. I learned swing trading and holding for a few days. I learned investing and finding good stocks with good charts and using my system to take an entry that cannot really lose.

So I learned how to trade the market virtually one step at a time, and I believe this is the only way to learn. So my trading courses are 3 different trading techniques that I’ve put together and created into a video course to teach you as you watch the video online in your web browser how to trade each trading technique and do so like a professional trader. Do so like you see me doing at my YouTube Channel.

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Code Trading System

Simple, Easy, Effective

Real trading is all in the code, my system has been developed exclusively using the code. Below you’ll find descriptions of my different trading courses.

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Each course has been recorded in HD 2K video and audio for excellent playback quality.

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Play each video full screen for maximum image quality and ease of learning.

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Step By Step Instruction

Learning to trade the markets is made easy in these 4 simple to follow steps:

Purchase Course

First step is the easy one, pick a course and watch it maybe even watch twice.

Practice System

Open a practice account and practice using the system in real time until you are really good.

Trade System

Open a real account and start trading the system and what you have already practiced. Start small and build slowly.

Get Support

If you run into problems or need any help you have me, David, to give you support. This is the way to learn how to trade.