Code 5


You’re purchasing Trading Code 5 Online Video Course.


Code 5 is good for all trading instruments. Whether Oil, Gold, Dow, S&P, Nasdaq, Stocks, Forex, EUR/USD, Bitcoin, HSI, anything and everything world wide in every market there is.

Code 5 is knowledge that you will learn via a video course you purchase and watch online in which I will teach you exactly how to use Code 5. After you learn how to use Code 5 which is very simple to do you will then be able to use the Code 5 to hit +200 to +400 tick trades six times per month.

Use Code 5 on the Dow Futures and your exits would be between +200 to +400 ticks, depending upon how much the market is moving.

Use Code 5 on Gold and your exits would again be +200 to +400 ticks.

Use Code 5 on the EUR/USD and your exits would be even more.

Use Code 5 on an active stock and again your exits will be +200 to +400 ticks.

You will get six Code 5 trades per month, no matter what the instrument.

With Code 5 you will be the master of the market, all markets and all trading instruments.

Stops: -250 to -350 average
Exit: +200 to +400
Success Ratio: 75% to 80%

Happy Trading,

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