Code 7: Bitcoin


This code also works with Emini and Dow.


Trade Bitcoin everyday using Code 7 trading indicator and make +200 to +800 ticks everyday. Bitcoin really moves a lot of ticks and with Code 7 you can capture a great deal of those ticks everyday very easily.

Code 7 comes once per day every day. The time it comes is 4:00pm New York Time, but the entry probably won’t come until after that time, sometimes by many hours. But you will know the exact entry price, exact stop price, and you can go for +200 ticks on each trade with 96% success rate. If you go for more the math reduces, but is still very high, you can easily hit +400 ticks and even +800 ticks, those days come all the time with Bitcoin, very easy to hit a big trade using Code 7.

  • 96% success rate at +200 ticks
  • Exits +200 to +2,000 ticks
  • Stops -700 to -2,000 ticks
  • Comes 4:00pm New York Time

At 96% success rate Code 7 for Bitcoin is red hot.