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$400 / month
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$400 / month

These Signals represent a new superior code of Code 8 and the only way to take advantage of Code 8 is through these Signals. These Signals are like Code 6 and Code 7 but even better because they have smaller stops and larger profits.

Trading signals are sent out for Oil, Gold (Futures GC), Dow (Futures YM), S&P (Futures ES), NQ, Bitcoin

There is a new code being used for the Signals and there will be two signals sent daily for each one of these instruments.

Signals come around 11:00 AM New York Time and again at 5:00 AM New York Time.

Signals come every day, two times per day……making 100-200 ticks on each signal.

Each signal will include an Entry Price, Stop Price, and Profit Price in advance so that time is available to place the orders for the trade.

Signals have a built in 90% success rate.

Add 40-100 extra ticks to Code 6 and 7 entries using Signals instead.

Smaller stops than Code 6 & 7

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Oil, Gold (Futures GC), Dow (Futures YM), S&P (Futures ES), NQ, Bitcoin