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Freemason Code Broken...

I broke this code in the year 2010, this Freemason Code proves mathematically that the Freemasons work directly for Lucifer and are pure evil. This is really Lucifer's code and the Freemasons are Lucifer's people, and with the use of this code they have the whole world deceived, they are using mathematics and language to brainwash everyone without them being able to realize it. And they don't just do this with all knowledge in the world they also do this at every possible level there is to do it at, including all the scam trading forums that they run, ripping one person off after another. Jim Cramer, Larry Kudlow, Ron Paul, Ronald Reagen, King of Jordan, President of Iran, Putin, Obama, Bush, all of them are Freemasons and work directly for Lucifer. The Freemasons are the ones who have put the entire financial system under the control of a computer program and it's the Freemasons who stalk me, slander me, try to extort me, and bully me in person......David Kuvelas

A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=6, G=7, H=8, I=9, J=10, K=11, L=12, M=13, N=14, O=15, P=16, Q=17, R=18, S=19, T=20, U=21, V=22, W=23, X=24, Y=25, Z=26......

Using the first letter of each word we get a clear pattern, showing that these words were specifically chosen to create this pattern. And there is a meaning behind this pattern, and that meaning goes mind boggling deep.

31=31st Degree Mason

32=32nd Degree Mason

33=33rd Degree Mason

26=two sixes (66)

23=two three's (33)


36=three sixes (666)

NOTE: It would be a 100% mathematical impossibility for all these names to equal the same exact set of numbers, or code. What this Freemason Code is doing is providing 100% mathematical proof of a direct world wide and International conspiracy by the Freemason's, otherwise known as evil Jews (not good Jews) to subvert and pervert the entire world to believe in things which are not true to begin with. They are doing this right in front of everyone's face and people don't realize what's going on. Well here is a scientist, philosopher, and a witness to God revealing what the Freemason's or Jews at the top of the world are doing to the world and subverting and perverting everyone's mind on purpose. To all good people of good will and whose minds have not yet been turned into a zombie, it's time to wake up to the evil that has been perpetuated on you at the highest possible level by a people more evil than you ever knew or fathomed existed.

Freemason Code Religion

Jesus Christ 13 (The Lamb of God, God's special Christ, the Son of God)

I am 10 (God is a perfect 10)

Holy Bible 10 (The Bible is a perfect 10)

God's Church 10 (God's Church is a perfect 10)

Christian Church 33 (33rd Degree Mason, it's not Christ's Church, it's God's Church, God puts Christ at the head of his church.)

Catholic Church 33 (33rd Degree Mason)

Seventhday Adventist Church 23 (33rd degree Mason, Trinity is false doctrine, if God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit are all one person, than how can Christ sit at the right of God? It's Satanic logic.)

GOD 26 (Execute Order 66, the ultimate trick on 7 billion people, make them believe Lucifer is God)

Al-lah 13 (Anti-Christ) God's name is "I am" given to Moses.

Mor-mon 26 (Execute Order 66, pervert God and Christ and the teachings of all prior prophets)

Jehovah's Witnesses 33 (33rd Degree Mason, 100% Anti-Christ/Bible, Satan's Doctrine)

The Pope 36 (666, only God is "holy", only God is our "Father", the Pope makes himself "God")

Ka-bala 13 (Anti-Christ) Teach sorcery and magic and do evil and call it good.

Tal-mud 33 (33rd degree Mason created the Talmud book, 33rd degree Mason Bible)

Wic-ca 26 (Execute Order 66, worship Satan and receive his powers in return)

Dru-id 13 (Hate Christ and practice witchcraft and sorcery)

Trinity Broadcasting Network 36 (666, take the Bible and pervert what it says in every way possible and then pretend you are righteous and godly teaching the exact opposite of what the Bible says and what Christ said, showing that you work directly for Satan and his people the Freemasons)

Freemason Code Star Wars

Luke Skywalker 31 (31st Degree Mason)

Sith Lord 31 (31st Degree Mason)

Light Saber 31 (31st Degree Mason)

R2D2 26 (Execute Order 66, the droid army)

Darth Vader 26 (Execute Order 66, child with no Father)

Darth Sidious 23 (33rd Degree Mason)

Ben Kenobi 13 (Anti-Christ)

Commander Cody 33 (33rd Degree Mason)

The Force 26 (Execute Order 66, teach Satan's power)

Mace Windu 36 (666) Sacrifice for Darth Vadar to gain power, Obama is the same thing, a sacrifice..

Dark Side 23 (33rd Degree Mason)

Galactic Senate 26 (Execute Order 66, establish New World Order)

Wookie 23 (33rd Degree Mason)

Clone Troops 23 (33rd Degree Mason)

Death Star 23 (33rd Degree Mason)

A New Hope 23 (33rd Degree Mason created Title and script)

Empire Strikes Back 26 (Execute Order 66, teach good side/bad side to trick people into thinking the bad side is the good side, to control by boxing in a persons thinking to begin with so that they believe that good is evil, or that evil is good, by making both sides pair off against each other and yet both sides are evil to begin with, a 33rd Degree Freemason trick to control peoples minds, thoughts, beliefs, and ultimately their actions.)

Freemason Code Idol Worship & Fairy Tales

Super Man 32 (32nd Degree Mason, idol worship)

Spider Man 32 (32nd Degree Mason, idol worship)

Zorro 26 (Execute Order 66, make them love idols)

Mickey Mouse 26 (Execute Order 66, make them love idols)

Peter Pan 32 (32nd Degree Mason, idol worship)

Alice In Wonderland 33 (33rd Degree Mason)

Witch 23 (33rd Degree Mason, teach Satan's power to girls via TV & Movies)

Warlock 23 (33rd Degree Mason, teach Satan's power to boys via TV & Movies)

Wizard 23 (33rd Degree Mason, teach Satan's power to adults and general public)

Magic 13 (Anti-Christ) A magician uses lies and deceit to accomplish his task, Satan's ways.

ELF 23 (33rd Degree Mason) Little people that really do exist in the demonic world.

Fairy Tale 26 (Execute Order 66, make them have fantasy and magic, take away God)

Black Knight 13 (Anti-Christ) The dark Knight that does under secrecy for a dark purpose.

Robin Hood 26 (Execute Order 66, make them love idols)

Muffin Man 26 (Execute Order 66, make them love idols)

Pied Piper 32 (32nd Degree Mason, idol worship)

Fairy Godmother 13 (Anti-Christ) Don't ask God for things cause you have a Fairy Godmother to ask.

Chronicles of Narnia 32 (32nd Degree Mason, idol worship, fantasy and magic take away God.)

Magic Wand 36 (666) The device used to invoke Satan's power.

Freemason Code Satan

Witch-Craft 26 (Execute Order 66, Teach Satan's Power)

Voo-Doo 26 (Execute Order 66, Teach Satan's Power)

The Force 26 (Execute Order 66, teach Satan's power)

Sea-nce 33 (33rd Degree Mason, Teach Communicating With Satan)

Polter-Geist 23 (33rd Degree Mason, teach dead spirits are ghosts, not demons)

Tarot Cards 23 (33rd Degree Mason, Satan tells the future)

Fortune Teller 26 (Execute Order 66, invoke Satan's knowledge)

Psychia-trist 36 (666, person used by Satan to drug, silence, and destroy)

Freemason Code Government

S-4 23 (Groom Lake Space Base, 33rd Degree Mason where they interact with aliens)

Mili-Tary 33 (33rd Degree Mason, you have to kill people at all times cause people are the enemy)

Sol-Dier 23 (33rd Degree Mason, killing people is not only fun but patriotic as well, and your duty)

Penta-Gon 23 (33rd Degree Mason, have to plan the killing of people and make a science of it.)

Department of Defense 23 (33rd Degree Mason, have to defend yourself and kill people)

CIA 13 (Anti-Christ, lie, manipulate, deceive, kill, murder, destroy)

Illumi-nati 23 (33rd Degree Mason, pure evil human beings who worship Lucifer as god)

Naval Intelligence 23 (33rd Degree Mason, involved with UFO's and aliens)

European Union 26 (Execute Order 66, take away sovereignty, world must have 10 regions)

North American Union 36 (666, Where Revelation 18:24 will take place)

Civil War 26 (Execute Order 66, make them fight each other, order out of chaos)

Poli-tics 36 (666, make them believe a difference in opinion is at play, this provides the cover as to why everything just keeps getting worse and worse, because of the "politics" of the situation. Confuse, divide, and control simply by putting on the illusion of politics, when in reality both sides and all sides are on the same side, Lucifers side, the Freemasons side, as all politicians are Freemasons by default or they don't get elected. Not one thing that's happening or being shown wasn't scripted in advance.

Gang Stalking 26 (Execute Order 66, all whistle blowers, and intellectuals, all people who speak the truth about anything, all real Christians, all enemies of the State and Government will be stalked, discredited, slandered, and lives destroyed for having the nerve to speak any truth in the world)

Freemason Code Movies & TV

Deep Impact 13 (Anti-Christ, to be used for global fear)

Independence Day 13 (Anti-Christ, army of earth fights against Christ)

The Matrix 33 (33rd Degree Mason, where everybody is and doesn't know it, used as a battery.)

Morpheous 13 (Anti-Christ, finds the chosen one.)

Marty Mcfly 26 (Execute Order 66, time travel, make idols)

BIFF 23 (33rd Degree Mason, character within "Back To The Future".)

9-02-1885 33 (33rd Degree Mason, date gone back to in time "Back To The Future 3")

Scooby Doo 23 (33rd Degree Mason, teach ghosts and things scary like Halloween)

The Flintstones 26 (Execute Order 66, teach evolution the exact opposite of creation)

Fred Flinstone 66 (Execute Order 66, attach idols to evolution, make people identify with evolution.)

The Flinstones Season 4, 5, and 6 Number of Episodes 26 (Execute Order 66)

Ga-Zoo 33 (33rd Degree Mason, spaceman brings help with upside down pyramid)

Mork & Mindy 26 (Execute Order 66, teach help coming from spaceman with upside down pyramid)

Mork 13 (Anti-Christ, the antichrist comes to bring help and "peace" to the world)

Jurassic Park 26 (Execute Order 66, evolution indoctrination)

MGM 33 (33rd Degree Mason, create the Masonic illusion on the USA and influence the world.)

NCC 1701-D 33 (33rd Degree Mason, Star Trek is a Masonic creation to support evolution)

1701-D 13 (Anti-Christ) Star Trek Space Shuttle also equals 13.

Neme-sis 33 (Must always have an enemy at all times, somebody to hate and fight with, Satan's Orders given to 33rd Degree Freemasons)

Into-Darkness 13 (Antichrist, Satan and his people want you to love evil, and relish in evil, and see evil as being good, and see that which is good as being evil, and stupid, and weak, they want you to be the exact opposite of God, or his Son Jesus Christ)

Star Trek Original Number of Episodes Season two 26 (Execute Order 66)

Star Trek Next Generation Number of Episodes all Seasons except one 26 (Execute Order 66)

Victor Kruger 33 (The villain in the movie Highlander 1986, a 33rd degree Freemason idol)

The Twilight Zone 66 (Execute Order 66, teach ghosts, possession, occult, aliens, witches, etc.)

The Twilight Zone Number of Episodes Season 1 and 5 is 36 (666) Teach The Occult To Gentiles.

Closed Captioning 33 (33rd Degree Mason, Mason's don't want anybody to be left out.)

PG-13 36 (666, Satan loves to get into the mind of children, he likes to start their brainwashing early in life so that by the time they grow up all the lies of the world are the truth, and all the truths are lies, and anybody who would believe in a conspiracy is the dumbest person on the planet.)

Holly-Wood 31 (31st Degree Mason, created by Mason's to brainwash and manipulate people.)

Ju-manji 23 (33rd Degree Mason, teach sorcery and magic, make Satan's powers fun)

Bewitched Number of Episodes Season 1 is 36 (666) Teach Satan's power to Gentiles.

Bewitched Number of Episodes Season 3 is 33 (33rd Degree Freemason) Freemason made episodes.

Bewitched Number of Episodes Season 4 is 33 (33rd Degree Freemason) Freemason made episodes.

Bewitched Number of Episodes Season 8 is 26 (Execute Order 66) Teach Gentiles Satan's power.

Family Guy 13 (Antichrist) Dumb everyone down into oblivion beyond belief or description.

The Greatest American Hero 36 (666) The snake people give magical suit with snake emblem on it to be a good guy to the world, Lucifer always tries to make what he does appear good.

Freemason Code Broken in movie: Aliens 1986

Freemason Code Sex

Porno-Graphy 23 (33rd Degree Mason, bring people to unrighteousness and pervert themselves.)

Freemason Code Racial

KKK 33 (33rd Degree Mason, hating people is good if you're a Mason, it's what you enjoy.)

Freemason Code Hate Christ

Father Frost 66 (Execute Order 66, replace Christ with somebody else, cause they hate Christ.)

St. Nick 33 (33rd Degree Mason, associate Christ's birth with a regular person, not Christ.)

Freemason Code Evolution

Dino-Saurs 23 (33rd Degree Mason, create name and illusion an animal existed 65 million years ago.)

Freemason Code Free Mason

Free Masons 6/13 (Free Mason Code in numerical terms)

FM 6/13 (Free Masons created FM radio to talk to you and entertain you and brainwash you.)

Friday 13th 6/13 (Free Masons special day where they love to do evil.)

Masonic Temple 33 (33rd Degree Mason, Mason's are the builders and this is their 33rd degree Temple.)

Freemason Code Media

Emergency Broadcast System 26 (Execute Order 66, trust in government, take away God)

Coast To Coast 26 (Execute Order 66, prepare the way for the antichrist by brainwashing.)

Ya-Hoo 33 (33rd Degree Mason, housing crisis, credit crisis, fear fear fear, hope you enjoy it.)

CNN 31 (31st Degree Mason) Incite fear about everything, hurricanes, nuclear crisis, housing crisis, financial crisis, terrorists, drug dealers, oil spills, the flu etc. Then put on the illusion that a black man who reads from a tele-prompter is running the USA and making decisions. The test is how dumb can they make people?

Travel Channel 23 (33rd Degree Mason) Watch a guy get awards for eating 50 hamburgers at once, teaching gluttony without people being able to realize it. And getting paid millions of dollars per year to do it, because of the extreme importance of eating 50 hamburgers and getting really super fat and winning ribbons and awards and getting your name put up on walls for your incredible achievements. Again, the test is, how dumb can they make people? For even monkeys are not that dumb. Or watch another fat guy go around the world eating foods specifically that are gross and disgusting on purpose. What the people at the top want to do is occupy your mind on trivial matters so that you don't understand what they are doing at a much higher level, so they focus your mind on matters that really don't matter at all.

Conspiracy Theory 23 (33rd Degree Freemason) Take the truth and ridicule and mock it and call it a name like conspiracy theory in order to discredit not only that theory but all other theories as well. All the while putting on the illusion that everything being said is the "truth", when in reality everything that's being said is a complete lie, and all truths are called conspiracy theories.

Weather Channel 26 (Execute Order 66, make them listen and pay attention to what the weather will be like, then get the weather wrong on purpose 80% of the time, to hurt them without them even realizing it. Then take control of their minds and make them afraid of every hurricane, every tornado, every storm that happens, blow it way out of proportion and make them afraid of the weather).

Weather Man 36 (666, it's Satan who wants you to worry about what the weather will be like)

Freemason Code Financial

Goldman Sachs 26 (Execute Order 66, financial chaos and sorcery of every kind, a magicians touch.)

Credit Card 33 (33rd Degree Mason, get everyone onto the electronic system, make it mandatory by default without looking like it.)

Freemason Code Holiday

Hallo-Ween 31 (31st Degree Mason, even Mason's need a holiday, a day for ghosts which are demons and every foul spirit to play and enjoy themselves doing evil.)

Veterans Day 26 (Execute Order 66, teach the Gentiles to celebrate and honor the killing of other people, brainwash them into thinking they are doing good defending their own plot of land, all the while they never will wake up or realize that Jews don't fight in wars, we send the Gentiles to do that to make our master Satan happy. And people will never wake up to what we're doing for they are the cattle and we are the masters of the earth.

Freemason Code Justice

Concentration Camp 33 (33rd Degree Mason, where they stick those who are their enemy, the intellectuals of society, and the hillbillies of society will be the ones who put them there, too dumbed down into oblivion to understand or even care what they do.)

Freemason Code Computers

Micro-Soft 32 (32nd Degree Mason, must build up the worldwide global network to pave the way for the New World Order to emerge.)

Freemason Code Video Games

X-Box 26 (Execute Order 66, Teach Killing, Shooting, Firing, Destroying, Murdering Being Fun)

Freemason Code UFO's

MJ-12 26 (Execute Order 66, teach aliens without looking like you are)

Freemason Code Fast Food

Ronald Mcdonald 31 (31st Degree Mason, goofballs attract other goofballs making your target audience easy to find.)

Mcdonalds 13 (Anti-Christ, pure poison enjoyed by billions, and then comes the cancer.)

Burger King 13 (Anti-Christ, have cancer your way, and a stomach ache to go along with it.)

Coca Cola 33 (33rd Degree Mason, used to have cocaine in it, now just chemicals to poison you.)

Wendys 23 (33rd Degree Mason, greasy food that makes you fat and unhealthy, what a wonderful idea.)

Weinersnitzel 23 (33rd Degree Mason, nothing better than all the left over parts from a cow that nobody would eat all smashed up into a hotdog on a bun smothered in ketchup and mustard in a vain attempt to drown out that terrible taste of eating feet grinds and intestines, yum yum, I'll take 3, one for me and one for my friend dumber.)

M&Ms 26 (Execute Order 66, make them eat poison, and like it, all hands love M&M's, where the milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hands, and where the chemicals effect your body on a very complex level and make you unhealthy, but don't tell the AMA that, they already know, ssshhh)

Su-gar 26 (Execute Order 66, trick people into eating a substance which destroys the body, causes hair loss, causes obesity, causes arthritis, causes heart disease, causes sinuses, causes allergies, causes asthma, causes high blood pressure (quit all sugar except fruit and Gods food and drop 20 points in blood pressure in 4-7 days) then put this substance into every form of food that is processed to slowly kill the population without them being aware of it)

High Fructose Corn Syrup 36 (666, Satan and his people understand science, and they use science against you to poison you without your ability to understand how they're doing it. Satan and his people are not content being janitors and street sweepers, they absolutely must be in positions of power, and they are, they own every major corporation in the entire world, they own every TV station there is, every radio station, every magazine, they own all of Hollywood, they own everything in the world and people don't realize that. Therefore they are able to make all laws and all policies and they are purposely poisoning people on purpose, not just their bodies but also their minds. The whole agenda is to pervert God's creation in every last possible way and dumb people down to such an extent that everyone all over the world will worship their king, who is the antichrist.

Sugarless Gum 26 (Execute Order 66, make them love chewing the poison we give to them)

Nutra-Sweet 33 (33rd Degree Freemasons love to poison people without them realizing what's going on, it's one reason why the Bible says do not trust in man, trust in God, so don't trust in man's food, trust in God's food grown God's way not man's way with poison sprayed all over the food)

Kel-logs 23 (33rd Degree Freemason, make food filled with chemicals and sugar and then call it food and give it to kids and make commercials up to make people want to buy them and hide the chemicals (poison) behind the sugar to make them taste good. Make people believe that poison is food, instead of eating God's food as they should they eat our food because we tell them to with our commericals)

Freemason Code Disinformation Agents

Jordan Maxwell 23 (Russel Pine, 33rd Degree Masons Agent, no God, aliens coming, accept reality.)

Zeitgeist 26 (Execute Order 66, destroy God with logic and half truths, Mason's must destroy a "good" and righteous God)

Zeit-Geist 33 (33rd Degree Mason, we must destroy God, replace with evolution, then prepare the way for the Son of Perdition to be god.)

Science Guy 26 (Execute Order 66, Synagogue of Satan member Bill Nye will convince billions around the world of an asteroid threat to planet earth, just as predicted in the 1970's by Von Braun German scientist, "first will come the asteroids threat, then the attack by aliens", get ready it's coming soon brought to you by Synagogue of Satan members who worship Lucifer as their god.) Now you understand what will be the cause of the global financial crash, which will happen because they have the entire financial system under the control of a computer and can crash world markets anytime they choose.

Freemason Code Biology

RNA 33 (33rd Degree Mason, make believe you understand God's creation, just lie and people will believe no problem)

AIDS 33 (33rd Degree Mason) 33rd Degree Mason's created Aids Virus, first they get people to pervert themselves and help them do it, then they destroy and torment them on purpose because this is what they enjoy so much.

Can-Cer 33 (33rd Degree Mason, create the concept and name of cancer and then make people get it by feeding them food which not only has poisons within it, but which also provides no nutritional value, thereby starving the body of nutrition while at the same time poisioning the body, thus creating cancer. Then treat the cancer by killing all the cells in the body. And do all of this right in front of everyone's noses without them being able to realize what you're doing. Poison them from children to the death bed all the while posing as helping them the whole entire time, from birth to death. All the while never coming to the truth, which is simply to eat heathy eating God's food he created to eat and live a righteous clean godly life. Eating food without poisons put all over them while they're growing and producing food, what they refer to as "organic", meaning God's way of growing, not "conventional" which is like having a pest control company grow your food for you and act like nothing is wrong, that this is something "normal" to do. Anybody ready to wake up from the Mason's Matrix yet? Step out into the real world? Don't believe in evil? You're in for one whopper of a surprise coming in your life that's for sure.)

Vaccin-ation 23 (33rd Degree Mason) Don't eat healthy, don't trust in God, trust in your government because they have your best interests in mind, they would never do anything to hurt you or harm you in anyway, they would never turn you into a slave and send your jobs overseas and give you Jerry Springer and Jersey Shore to watch or take away your rights with the "Patriot Act" or anything like that, nor would they poison you by vaccinating you against the flu or anything else. And by the way, I have built a brand new bridge from California to Hawaii that I'm selling for a really cheap price, inquire within.

Chemo-Therapy 23 (33rd Degree Freemason) After you get sick from eating all the poisons within the food the Freemasons feed to you, then they make you believe they are there to help you in your sickness but instead of helping you they poison you even further by putting a substance into your body to purposely destroy your body all so that you can get "better". This is the same type of thing where they put poisons all over the food to get rid of the bugs, knowing that at the same time they are getting rid of you by slowly poisoning you. Nobody in the world of a normal mind would take poison and spray it all over the crops that are growing, knowing that this is by default a stupid idea. It's one thing to poison a bug or a rat, it's another thing to put poison on the food you eat. We are all letting evil people known as the Freemasons otherwise knowns as the Synagogue of Satan take control and dictate all forms of policy that is purposely destroying society and people at every level there is to do it at. It's time to wake up to these people so that the finger can be pointed at them.

Freemason Code Financial Markets

CFTC 32 (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) (32nd Degree Mason)

Forex Market 6/13 (Free Masons)

Futures Market 6/13 (Free Masons)

Stock Market 32 (32nd Degree Mason)

Freemason Code Technology

DATA 26 ( Star Trek, execute Order 66, marvel at what Satan can create)

Beta Unit 23 (33rd Degree Mason)

Maglev Train 33 (33rd Degree Mason)

Time Machine 33 (33rd Degree Mason)

Sky-Net 33 (33rd Degree Mason, here come the worldwide aerial droids to patrol the world)

Star Gate 26 (Execute Order 66, Son of Perdition ascends from the bottomless pit)

T-Mobil 33 (33rd Degree Mason)

Inter-net 23 (33rd Degree Freemason) Bring pornography, multiculturalism (mixing of all races) feminism, and every thought and belief system known to be false by us through the world wide Internet.

Wireless Communication 26 (Execute Order 66) Build a world wide system of communication done wirelessly through the global satellite system beamed down to the ground hitting "cell towers" to further direct and beam onto an individual, and be able to receive input from individual back to a central point. This is our sovereign lord's system he will use to control all buying and selling upon planet earth. Signed, 33rd degree Freemason of Zion.

Cell Towers 23 (33rd Degree Freemason) Build communication devices all upon the earth in every country there is to pave the way for our sovereign lord's system of monetary control over the earth. Signed, 33rd degree Freemason of Zion. We are the true masters whom you think not, it is us who control everything upon the world, and we get you to do and think what we want, if we want war, we create war, if we want fear, we create fear, if we want happiness we create happiness, the world is our playground, and our lord is it's master, and each of you will bow to our lord or you will DIE! Master of the 33rd degree of Zion. (Global World Wide Wireless Grid Went Online late 2013 For The First Time, A Major Achievement World Wide In A Short Period Of Time, Antichrist System Now In Place Ready To Go) Note: As a witness to God I ask you to take some action and turn to God and repent of all sins and stop sinning and be 100% righteous, work on it everyday, and live in the spirit for God and for Christ, serving them. Show other people what you're finding, what you're learning, help to wake them up, maybe only 1 in 1000 will listen, but saving just one soul will wipe away much of your own sin. What do you think I'm doing this for? :-) You will be given in heaven as per your works, read the Bible for yourself, Church preaches that's not true, Bible says that it is, don't believe the Church, believe the Bible, that's the one thing God won't allow Satan to change. Read the King James Bible for yourself. Start living for God, true reality is far different than what the world is blinding everyone to, and right now we're in a major fight between God and Satan, and Satan has a lot of souls. Go out and win some souls for God and Christ and walk the talk and be righteous and walk in the spirit and get close to God everyday, giving thanks, praying to, asking for help, for strength, for guidance, for truth, for understanding, for knowledge, for wisdom, these are things that God gives to his children. Having a car or a home is meaningless to God and to his children, the world is about to enter into Tribulation, the end of the age is coming, this isn't a game or a joke, it's the true reality that they want to hide from everyone by occupying their minds based upon a fake reality. I cannot stress this enough, you MUST stop sinning, I'm not joking with you, my mother was attacked by demons for ten long years for getting into witchcraft, it was only by stopping ALL sinning did the attacks stop. Wake up everyone, what reason would I have to lie to you? To be mocked? What fun is there in that? Wake up, I'm speaking the truth to you, and trying to save you. Everything is about obedience to God and not sinning, Christ saves us because we have sinned, but you must stop sinning, come out of this world and walk with God each day. Don't be the hypocrite most people are, and be ready for Satan because he is going to come with everything he's got to try and stop you, you learn to be strong in spirit. God & Christ bless....

IRobot2004 Movie: Time Index: 1:09:12 = 13 (Anti-Christ)

Hidden Freemason Sign I Robot Movie 2004

Freemason Code Music

Rock & Roll 36 (666, rock & roll where you rebel against rightousness and God and do as you want in this life, the true freedom that Satan gives and offers to all people, to rebel against God for all those that choose to do so.)

Highway To Hell 36 (666, if you want power and fame and riches you too can get yourself a highway to Hell, kind of like a "eat now and pay later" deal, all you need do is give your soul to Satan and he will direct your life, your career, your talents and your success. Just remember there is a price to be paid for rebelling against the creator of all things......God)

Freemason Code Gambling

Card Counting 33 (33rd Degree Mason, teach a false system as being true to box in peoples minds so they don't find the real truth with respect to the game of blackjack).

Craps Table 23 (33rd Degree Mason creation and layout, with deep Masonic meanings, similar to an Ouija board).

Blackjack Basic Strategy 23 (33rd Degree Mason, teach a false system as being true to box in peoples minds so they don't find the real truth with respect to the game of blackjack).

Slot Machine 32 (32nd Degree Mason gives name to mechanical or electronic device).

Jack-pot 26 (Execute order 66, lure them in with promises of riches, take from the many, give to the few)

Freemason Code Sports

Michael Jordan (wears number 23 on his shirt, which signifies how it's a 33rd degree Mason who has promoted sports for people to watch to occupy their minds on trivial matters, to give them a hero to look up to, an idol to worship, somebody to take away God from them and replace with an idol)

Tony Dorsett (wears number 33 on his shirt, which signifies how it's a 33rd degree Mason who has promoted sports for people to watch to occupy their minds on trivial matters, to give them a hero to look up to, an idol to worship, somebody to take away God from them and replace with an idol)

Larry Bird (wears number 33 on his shirt, which signifies how it's a 33rd degree Mason who has promoted sports for people to watch to occupy their minds on trivial matters, to give them a hero to look up to, an idol to worship, somebody to take away God from them and replace with an idol)

Michael Johnson (wears number 32 on his shirt, which signifies how it's a 32nd degree Mason who has promoted sports for people to watch to occupy their minds on trivial matters, to give them a hero to look up to, an idol to worship, somebody to take away God from them and replace with an idol)

These numbers which represent the Freemason Code are reserved for the positions in all sports games that can or will become stars. Such as running backs in football to shooting guards in basketball to pitchers in baseball. Baseball itself is a Masonic creation with deep Masonic meanings.

Grand Prix 23 (33rd Degree Mason makes events and competitions for Gentiles to occupy their minds on trivial matters, to give Gentiles something to think about, something to look forward to, to emerse them in a matrix of things to occupy their minds, to build up a world around them which has nothing to do with God, or with God's purpose for all people. The Freemasons are builders of the world, they are building up the world for their king, for the Antichrist)

Don't let anybody in this world fool you, the Freemason's have put the ENTIRE financial system under the control of a computer program, so that this computer is controlling the prices of all Futures markets, all ETF's, and all stock Indexes, and not just for the USA but the entire world. They plan to crash world markets in ONE DAY as set forth in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion:

Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion

More videos about the Freemasons and their worldwide system of corruption

Now maybe you can begin to understand why the Freemason's have been kicked out of every country there is in Europe, and not once, not twice, but many times. The Freemasons are pure evil human beings, scum beyond description, and each of them deserve death and death is what they are going to receive soon enough. These people are attacking me virtually everyday for exposing them, sending me death threats, having my YouTube account shut down by saying I'm doing "hate speach" against them, and slandering me all over the entire Internet to try and discredit me. Their men are homosexuals and pedophiles, their women are lesbians, and they want everyone else in the world to follow after them. And people are doing so not realizing what's really going on. It is Christ himself who has handed these people over to serve Satan, and that's why no Church will ever read from the Bible because the Freemasons are in control of the Church and won't allow people to learn of the truth about them. So the Freemasons will succeed in dragging most all people to Hell with them, and people cannot understand what is really going on. These Freemasons call themselves Jews, but they are not Jews, they are the Synagogue of Satan, a real Jew will accept Christ as the Messiah, not wait for the antichrist as the Messiah. They love the antichrist because it's him who gives them the right to molest children, and turn the Gentiles into slaves without them being able to realize it. The real Christ would never allow such a thing, and that's why Christ will put all these people into Hell where they belong.

It's time to wake up to these evil people, they are the scum of planet earth and will go to Hell as Christ said they would.

Matthew 8 (Holy Bible)

"11 And I say unto you, That many shall come from the east and west, and shall sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom of heaven.

12 But the children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth."

The "children of the kingdom" are the Jews. Only those Jews who accept Christ as the Messiah are saved, and these Jews are all good Jews, and very special. The rest are apart of this world or work directly for Satan himself, promoting every filthy disgusting thing there is in society. It's time to wake up from these Satanic people's Matrix of lies and deception.

Here is more information that no Church will ever teach because they are run and controlled by the fake Jews at the top:

1 Thessalonians 2 (Holy Bible)

14 For ye, brethren, became followers of the churches of God which in Judaea are in Christ Jesus: for ye also have suffered like things of your own countrymen, even as they have of the Jews:

15 Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men:

16 Forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved, to fill up their sins alway: for the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost.

Revelation 2:9 (Holy Bible)

I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

Revelation 3:9 (Holy Bible)

Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

A "Jew" by definition is a person who descends from "Jacob" and is 100% for God in every possible way. Their entire culture is about God, every holiday is in reference to God, all their laws is from God, all of their ways is from God, by definition a "Jew" cannot hate God. These people who are doing all of this evil are not "Jews" by definition even though they may descend from Jacob. They are the Synagogue of Satan working for Satan himself who is now their "Father". And they do their Fathers will, who is a liar and father of all lies. These people blame the real Jews just as they blame everyone else, they always work "both sides" of every street, causing hate and division and strife through a very complex nature of lies of both sides of the issue. It doesn't matter which side you choose because both sides come from them.

You only have two friends in this world, and they are God the creator of all things who calls himself our "Father" and his Christ, who is God's own dear Son sent by God to save the Jews who will accept him and follow him, who the Gentiles will trust:

Matthew 12 (Holy Bible)

20 A bruised reed shall he not break, and smoking flax shall he not quench, till he send forth judgment unto victory.

21 And in his name shall the Gentiles trust.

The Gentiles all over the entire world believe in and trust Jesus Christ, showing and proving the Bible is correct!

As God's servant and God's Witness I call on any Jew to open your eyes to the truth, and to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as the Messiah, and be saved, and to follow Christ, and to read the Bible for yourself, and to stop letting these evil people manipulate you and deceive you any longer. We all are to come together under Christ, and none of us is better than the other. We follow Christ and do what he said which the most important thing is to:

Matthew 22:37 (Holy Bible)

Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

Do not let Satan and his people fool you by manipulating your mind to think lies are the truth when they say that Jesus Christ is God, for they do lie. Jesus Christ is who the Bible says he is over 100 times, the Son of God. These Satanic people have promoted every lie there is to confuse and divide at every possible level. Even Muslims believe that Christians believe that Jesus is God, to which they then say the Bible has been corrupted, not understanding or realizing that this is a lie from the beginning, the Bible doesn't state anything like that whatsoever! And anybody who says it does is being led by Satan and his people.

You see from the Freemason Code I've broken that they control everything, they control the entire financial system all over the world and it's a 100% scam in that the whole system is being controlled by a computer program of which I broke the code in 2006. These people create business from thin air, who do no work but act as parasites and vampires to suck the life and soul out of every last person they can. Not only do these people deserve death, but they deserve torture, and torture is what they will get in The Hell.

They have already turned all the people of the world into slaves (JOIN THE REVOLUTION!) and they don't even realize it, and have dumbed people down now to such an extent they have no hope of understanding the Freemason Code or anything else except for all the lies these people speak. As I write this they are using their media to make people afraid of the Flu so they go get flu shots, these flu shots are pure poison and destroy the people who take them, and people simply don't understand.

Next these people are going to kill millions of Christians all over the world by bringing them to the USA and putting them to death at the FEMA camps by beheading them. And even when this happens people still won't understand who the enemy is, and in fact will believe the enemy is good while the good people are the enemy, this is the nature of these people.

The Bible says we should allow ourselves to be killed by these people in the name of Jesus Christ, and Christ himself said if you try to save your life you will lose it, meaning if you accept the Antichrist's mark in order to buy or sell you will lose your life. There is only one way out of this world, only one way now to overcome this world as Christ said to do, and that's to allow yourself to be beheaded by the Antichrist and his people.

Do not fall for the lies, the only way you can know the truth is to read the Bible for yourself.

Note: Now you know when you see on the Discovery channel how the Freemasons talk about how they cannot even decide which kind of sandwhich to serve for lunch let alone some grand conspiracy that they are simply lying. Take a good look at what they look like when they say these things, and how much effort was done to keep saying them over and over again on TV to reinforce the lie, and remember, because this is the way these people are, nothing but liars. And don't let them around your children, they will want to molest them. Remember Mr. Rogers? That is the epitome of what a pedophile looks like and sounds like and acts like, always remember that. If some guy comes around your children like that and wants to be their neighbor and spend time with them, that is your enemy. These people will always come to you as your friend, and want to be your friend, but they having nothing but guile written on their hearts. It's time to wake up, their king is coming, you do not want to worship their king. Both the Christians and the Muslims know their king is coming, the Son of Perdition, the Antichrist, the Dajjal.

Now you understand why when you join the Freemasons and learn of their "secrets" you cannot tell anyone, and if you do by their own stated rules you will be killed. I guess they don't want people knowing what they're putting into those sandwiches that they cannot decide on to eat?