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The reason why I'm taking the time to write this page up about myself is because I have the misfortune of having a Jew Freemason psychopath after me who is both stalking me for over 2 years online and also has been slandering me both personally and professionally this whole time, and to this very day 12-21-13 is continuing to do so.

The person who is doing this to me is named Travis, he lives in Santee California. He called me on the phone and wanted to buy my video course, and then he had a friend of his meet with me in Henderson Nevada at the District to pay me cash for my video course. I later sent him the video course through email.

Then I get another call a few days later from Travis again in San Diego, and he bluntly tells me that what he is doing is scamming people on Craigslist for "Forex Investing", and he told me that he wants me to trade this scammed money for him. I tried to tell Travis that this wasn't possible and that I cannot trade for him. He became more and more angry, and finally he told me that he can force me to trade for him, to which I was shocked and hung up the phone on him.

I have never run into a person like this before in my entire life, to think that this man is a criminal scamming people online like that and then to think that he can make me trade his scammed money for him has got to be the epitome of being a psychopath. He is totally 100% insane by his very nature, and a very dangerous human being to the public, not just to me.

For over 2 years now he has called me everything he can think of online in order to get revenge on me for not trading his scammed money for him, this is apparently how he "can make me trade this money for him", his way of making me is to punish me by lying about me and slandering me all over the Internet both by my name David Kuvelas and my business Oil Trading Academy. He is writing blogs and posting under trading forums and Ripp Off Reports and using many different ID's to pose as many different people who are all calling me a scam and crazy and that I need to seek help and that I'm going to hurt somebody and that my website needs to be taken down and the CFTC needs to do an investigation into me and what I'm doing, etc.

Another words, his whole goal and agenda is to destroy me both personally and professionally, all because I wouldn't trade his scammed money for him.

I am building a case against Travis right now, and I'll be sending all the information I have over to the following agencies:

FBI San Diego
10385 Vista Sorrento Parkway
San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: (858) 320-1800

San Diego County Sheriff's
Santee Station
8811 Cuyamaca Street
Santee, CA 92071-4288
(619) 956-4019

FBI Las Vegas
1787 West Lake Mead Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada 89106-2135
Phone: (702) 385-1281

This man Travis is the most dangerous human being I've personally ever come across, he is a criminal beyond measure, his ability to lie and make it look convincing is extremely powerful, and in his own words he has a second level psychology degree, which he uses to scam people online and to slander myself for over 2 long years, to the point where even my own family and friends are questioning me about what he is saying, asking me if it's true. This is how powerful and dangerous this man is. Under Federal Sentencing guidelines using a special degree like this calls for an upward departure in sentencing, as well as causing severe psychological distress:

"Increase in time to be served

There are victim-related adjustments for hate crime motivation or vulnerable victims; official victims; restraint of victims; and terrorism. Adjustments can apply depending on the offender's role in the offense, which can include an aggravating role, a mitigating role. Enhancements apply for abuse of a position of trust or use of a special skill, using a minor to commit a crime, and use of body armor in drug trafficking crimes and crimes of violence."

"Extreme psychological injury

If a victim or victims suffered psychological injury much more serious than that normally resulting from commission of the offense, the court may increase the sentence above the authorized guideline range. The extent of the increase ordinarily should depend on the severity of the psychological injury and the extent to which the injury was intended or knowingly risked.

Normally, psychological injury would be sufficiently severe to warrant application of this adjustment only when there is a substantial impairment of the intellectual, psychological, emotional, or behavioral functioning of a victim, when the impairment is likely to be of an extended or continuous duration, and when the impairment manifests itself by physical or psychological symptoms or by changes in behavior patterns. The court should consider the extent to which such harm was likely, given the nature of the defendant’s conduct."

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Federal_Sentencing_Guidelines

Furthermore what Travis is running is a conspiracy to defraud and extortion.

You can watch a video I made catching him in the act and getting his IP address here:

Criminal Who Hates Oil Trading Academy

I pray that none of you has to suffer what I've had to suffer by having a stalker stalk you for over 2 years and slander you all over the Internet speaking nothing but one lie after another against you, because if you do ever get a person like this to come against you they will destroy your life, they will destroy your business, they will destroy your whole being, you will wake up every morning stressed out, you will feel like you wish that something could be done and yet you can get nobody to help you. And they will continue to slander you everyday because their whole life now is to destroy you, they are dedicated and committed to that with every ounce of strength they have.

He has also been emailing me under many names, calling me under phone numbers, commenting on my videos and telling me things to make me believe that everybody out there thinks I'm a scam, this is called psychological warfare against me, using his psychology degree. What he wants to make me think and believe is that everyone is against me and to give up the website Oil Trading Academy. This is what his goal is, and he won't ever stop at this goal unless he is put into prison, that is the only answer for this man Travis.

I have known many criminals in my time, but I want to testify right here and now that this man Travis makes all those criminals I've known look like Mary Poppins, this man is truly a very dangerous man, and unless he is caught and put into a prison cell he is going to continue to not only slander me destroying me both personally and professionally but he is also going to continue his criminal organization to which he apparently has a lot of people working for him and he is the master mind behind the whole thing, scamming people out of their money on purpose, to which I can tell you right now after talking with him that he takes a great deal of pleasure in being able to do this.

At the Ripp Off Report about me he admitted that he was evil, and then he once again tried to get me to join him right on Ripp Off Report itself, which there is still a record of. Furthermore he said on Ripp Off Report that "I'm safe until the time of the cleansing", meaning safe from being killed.

This man is a true psychopath in every sense of the word, and what he does is project himself onto me, so that everything he is he tries to put onto me. He is a criminal and scammer, and he calls me the criminal and scammer. He is a liar, he calls me the liar. He is a psychopath, he calls me the psychopath, etc. Everything that he is he turns that onto me, and he does it very convincingly, so convincingly that he has destroyed my business and if you google my name David Kuvelas you'll see he has made one blog after another slandering me, under different ID's to make it appear that a whole bunch of people hate me and say I'm a scam, this is the level and depth to which this man has gone to destroy my life.

I will be sending all my information that I'm gathering against Travis to the above agencies by the end of 2013, and then I'm going to ask for public help especially my former clients to back me up and send a letter or make a phone call on my behalf to tell law enforcement the truth, that I'm not a scam and that whoever it is saying that I am is wrong, and not being truthful.

I will testify in a court of law for law enforcement everything I know about Travis, and the fact that he admitted he was a criminal who scams people in the Forex market, and to what he has done to me to which there is an online record and to which I have done many videos proving mathematically that it's one person who is doing all the posting on the Internet against me, and that it's Travis doing it, otherwise known as Jeff at Ripp Off Report. He has just filed a new Ripp Off Report against me because he was banned from the first one from posting because I was able to show them mathematically that it was one person doing all the slandering against me, so they banned him. Now he is using a new IP address and started a new Ripp Off Report against me so that he can continue to slander me, over 2 years wasn't enough for this guy, he is going to continue to do this against me until he is sitting in a prison cell.

I am asking the public and all my former clients for support.....

I hope and pray that none of you has to go through what I've had to go through, you cannot imagine what it's like having a stalker and psychopath after you lying about you in the most vicious ways, speaking nothing but hate and lies against you to destroy you, you cannot imagine what it's like, it will destroy your life just as it's destroyed mine.

The only thing I have left now is to seek justice against this man, and that's now what I'm going to do with every last ounce of strength I have left, I want to see him locked up behind bars away from the public so that he can no longer hurt anyone.

This has been my side of the story, my chance to explain what has been going on and what I've had to deal with, and to be able to say publicly that everything this man has said about me is one big gigantic lie, nothing he has said has any truth to it whatsoever, he has simply lied about everything in order to destroy me.

Now I'm going to do everything I can to see that he is put into a prison cell, and I'm going to go back to my phone records for Oil Trading Academy and I'm going to get his phone number in Santee and I'm going to turn this over to law enforcement and I'm going to put his phone number on this page for all to see.

His IP address is:

I ask for your help and your support, especially if you're a client of mine having purchased my videos, you know that I'm not a scam, after 2013 is over with and law enforcement has all my documents in my case against Travis you can publicly support me by calling one of these agencies and letting them know that I'm legit, and that it's Travis who is the liar, not me.

Happy Trading Traders,

David Kuvelas
Oil Trading Academy

Free Stock Trading Course

UPDATE: 08-24-15

This Freemason Jew believes he has the right to force me to trade for him, to gang stalk me and slander me non-stop for 4 years for refusing to do so, and lying about me personally and professionally to such an extent that thousands of people in this world actually believe what he says about me.

This page is here to speak the truth what this man is doing to me, he is spending gigantic sums of money to destroy my life both personally and professionally, and hiring people to gang stalk me. These people are pure 100% evil by their very natures and cowards, they hide behind fake IP addresses so that you cannot find them, use fake ID's so that you cannot track them, they are professional criminals trying to destroy me without me being able to do anything back to them as they remain unknown who they are and they act like many people all calling me a scam, putting on the illusion for the public that many people in this world think I'm a scam. The evil taking place here against me is mind boggling, and the link I've given above shows exactly who these people are.

Here is a picture of an email I've just recently received from one of these Freemason Jews:

Enjoy Prison

And here is a picture of the IP address used for this email sent to me:

And here is a picture of the location of this IP address:

And here is a picture of where this IP is from:

Right outside Washington DC, the home of the Freemasons.....

Here is my response to this email sent to me, I've not done anything wrong, the USA I grew up in all my life of 47 years so far it's ok to speak the truth. I have discovered a very profound truth about the financial markets and I help people make money from that discovery. There is nothing wrong with this and nothing illegal about it. I'm not going to be extorted to trade for anyone, and lying about me because I won't be extorted has got to be one of the most scum things I've seen so far in my 47 years. I am here to speak the truth about my discovery and to teach people how to profit from it, and that's exactly what I'm doing.....


David Kuvelas

David Kuvelas