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David Owner Oil Trading Academy David Kuvelas owner of Oil Trading Academy and trader.

I've been trading professionally since the year 2000. I first started my trading career trading stocks Free Stock Trading Course and ran two large trading websites. One was for a technique known as "gapping stocks" and another for "day trading" stocks. Records of my trading can be found through the following links:

Gapping Record 2004

Day Trading Record 2004

Then in the year 2006 while trading the Forex market I discovered that Forex market doesn't really trade and that a computer is controlling it's movement. Then in 2009 I discovered that the Oil market is also controlled by a computer and doesn't really trade either. Later I came to realize that all markets of the world are controlled by a computer program and do not really trade.

This is the secret that has changed my life and certainly has changed the life of many other traders around the world, both men and women. This secret is what I call the "code", and it makes it possible for anybody and everybody willing to learn how this works to change their life financially through trading.

Take a look at the following videos I did trading the oil market and witness for yourself the incredible amazing power and accuracy of using the codes on the oil market, there is no other system sold anywhere in the world that can begin to compare to using either Code 1 or Code 2 for trading oil. By knowing both codes you can know which direction oil is going to go before it goes there 24 hours per day non-stop:

Oil Trading +$450

Oil Trading +$940

Oil Trading +$9,940

Oil Trading +$500

Oil Trading +$2800

Oil Trading +$450

Oil Trading +$500

Oil Trading +$2,000

Oil Trading +$5,000

Oil Trading +$5,000

Oil Trading +$4,250

My oil trading system is the most powerful system anywhere in the world, traders from all over the world are making livings using my system, if you're looking for a professional trader to learn from I'm here offering my help to you.

To your trading success,

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