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NEWS: 8-20-14 Oil moving really good on the Iraq news and the Code is nailing trades left and right!

Trading oil futures offers a tremendous opportunity to make money from trading, it's relatively cheap to trade, you make a large sum of money if you win trades, (equal amount lost if you lose though) and there is no day trading rule that requires you to have $25,000 in your account to trade. All you need to trade Oil is $2,000 and then you can day trade it all you want to and you can get your order filled instantly whether going long, going short, or exiting a position, your orders go through within one second, making getting in and getting out very easy. Compare that to trading stocks and you'll see why getting filled quickly is such a wonderful thing. But what's even more wonderful is the system I discovered trading the Oil market, which gives a trader a very serious advantage over the market and everyone else out there in the trading world to be able to make successful trades and thus make good money at trading.

I've been teaching people from all around the world on how to trade Oil and be successful using my code system of trading since 2010, hundreds of people have been successful since that time, many of their emails are here on this website under "reviews".

Now I'm doing videos of my trading when I can between helping clients and blogging about the trading I'm doing. You can follow my trading and commentary on my YouTube, Blog, and Facebook, enjoy :-)

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Oil Trading Academy Blog

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For those of you who have already purchased my code trading courses you can also follow my blog and my trades and learn from what I'm doing since you can see the system within the videos and see exactly what I'm doing that's working, this will help you with your own learning as well.

Right now Oil is picking up by the day and getting more active which means there is more money to be made from trading it so if you're looking for something to get yourself involved with right now is a good time to start.

Happy Learning & Happy Trading....

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